The new standard

The True Temperament Fretting System is available for 20 different guitar models.


Catch the magic moment, the perfect take, only with a perfectly intonated instrument.

Musicians choice

True Temperament improves your live sound. Chords ring out louder and longer.


10% discount on TT-necks!

10% discount on TT-necks!

Do not miss our winter sale on True Temperament replacement necks. 10% discount on all TT neck models if you order before 31 January 2021! Buy NOW!
Freak Guitar Camp 2021

Freak Guitar Camp 2021

Mattias IA Eklundh´s Freak Guitar Camp is an institution in the guitar world and attracts guitar enthusiasts from all over the planet. Next year it's time again, which is the 23rd time in a row! The dates for 2021 are: Week 1: 26th - 31st of July Week 2: 3rd - 8th of August

Find answers on some of the frequently asked questions that other guitar players had.