The new standard

The True Temperament Fretting System is available for 20 different guitar models.


Catch the magic moment, the perfect take, only with a perfectly intonated instrument.

Musicians choice

True Temperament improves your live sound. Chords ring out louder and longer.


GNG Elvish Brea

GNG Elvish Brea

New exclusive custom 6-string electric guitar from GNG with spectacular craftsmanship – and TT frets! The fantastic Giulio Negrini design of the GNG Elvish Brea is inspired by The Lord of the rings movie.
Mayones Legend TT6

Mayones Legend TT6

Designs, quality and playability of Mayones guitars and basses are the result of the perfect blend of almost 40 years of tradition, modern technology and craftsmanship. In addition to highly equipped standard models Mayones also offer custom options, for instance the True Temperament Fretting System. One of the latest guitars from the Mayones factory is an exquisite Legend model with TT frets.

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