The Swedish high end bass guitar brand Mattissonbass, has delivered hand-built instruments in the upper price range all over the world  for the past decade. After working with many big names and famous bassists, the demand has increased enormously. In order to meet demand, Mattissonbass has decided that they need help with production.

After much searching and several ”dead ends”, we are now very happy to announce that our collaboration with True Temperament is entering a new phase, says the world renowned bass luthier Anders Mattisson. And continues:
– We have used True Temperament´s revolutionary fretting system invention made for perfect intonation for many years, and they have just completed a new modern factory in Trollhättan, Sweden, with competent staff and modern machinery.

Meeting at the TT Factory in Trollhättan, Sweden. From left: Mikael Åsberg (TT Factory), Anders Mattisson (Mattissonbass), bass guitarist Henrik Linder, Kristian Lampila (TT Factory) and Anders Nicklasson (TT sales manager).

The first model Mattisson Bass and True Temperament is building together is a new signature 6-stringTrue Temperament model for Henrik Linder.

Henrik Linder is considered as one of the most talented younger bass players in the world today, and a member of the equally excellent band Dirty Loops.
In addition to Henrik’s new signature model, several other Mattissonbass models will also be built at the TT factory in the near future.

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