The story of TT

Located in Sweden, the True Temperament company was founded in 2006 in Stockholm, by inventor Anders Thidell (1966-2022), luthier/guitar tech Paul Guy and Ulf Zackrisson. The latter with a background in music media.

It all started many years ago when Anders had his own powertrio and couldn´t get the sound he heard inside his head, no matter what guitar he tried. Anders then realised that the fretboard had to be modified with 31(!) curved frets per octave to get the exact intonated positions. It took Anders over 15 years developing the TT system.

To realize his ideas he in 2005 teamed up with veteran guitar builder/technician Paul Guy – an internationally acknowledge authority in the field of guitar tuning – who convinced him to develope a temperament using the standard 12 notes per octave, instead of the 31 he came up with before. The result ended up in Thidell Formula 1 – a 12 note per octave well-temperament. Together Anders and Paul developed True Temperament into what is today. Probably the greatest improvement in guitar making in 100 years!

An excellent business idea

The standard 12 note per octave temperament also resulted into an excellent business idea: True Temperament retrofit necks for bolt on Strat- and Tele style guitars. Now everything began to takeoff.

TT have never manufactured necks themselves. In the beginning fretless necks were ordered from the American guitar parts company Warmoth and the fretting was made at TT´s custom shop in Stockholm. As the orders increased more and more it was decided to try to find a guitar factory manufacturing TT-necks. A well renowned manufacturer in Europe was found, which is still used. Since then, TT´s custom shop has mostly devoted itself to conversions on existing guitars. Not least for famous guitarist such as Steve Vai, Steve Lukather, John Petrucci, Steve Morse, Mattias Eklundh and Fredrik Thordendal, among many others.

So it wasn't long before TT became wellknown and well appreciated especially among professional guitarists. Musicians who in one way or another have had intonation problems, in the studio for instance.


A new generation of TT-frets

In 2018 Anders Thidell designed a new type of frets made in stainless steel that was developed to suit mass production.

The frets, made of stainless for a better sustain and durability, have the radius integrated in the upper section (crown)

Easy to install with minimal after processing. Invented in Sweden, manufactured in Sweden! The new standard!

The big breakthrough for True Temperament came in 2019 when several famous guitar brands began to produce guitars equipped with the TT system.

In connection with this a reconstruction of the company was done, with new investors, a new board and CEO. From having been a custom shop boutique product, TT fretting systems have taken the step into major guitar manufacturers. By 2020, we will see a number of the most famous and top guitar brands with TT in the guitar shops all over the world.

The story continues…