A golden opportunity at the TT webshop!

Do not miss to visit the True Temperament webshop! Right now there is a golden opportunity for guitarists and others to become happy owners of Per Nilsson’s first signature model Singularity 7.
This limited edition of just eight Strandberg Singularity 7 True Temperament are the last of Swedish metal guitar virtuoso Per Nilsson´s first signature model to be sold!
Those unique 7-string guitars are customized and TT fretted in Sweden at the True Temperament Custom Shop and includes a certificate of authenticity signed by Per Nilsson, founder of .strandberg guitars, Ola Strandberg and True Temperament inventor, Anders Thidell.


A cutting edge metal guitar of highest quality
Excellent True Temperament fret work provides perfect intonatation all over the fretboard. Further more: solid body with ergonomic arm, torso and heel carves, EndurNeck™ Profile, HSH .strandberg* OEM pickups – guarantees a cutting edge metal guitar of highest quality! 

Extra bonus!
An extra bonus for all customers is a private 30 minute Skype session with Per Nilsson, plus a goodie bag that contains signed photos, picks, CD, DVD and more. Read more.