A very satisfied customer explains how True Temperament improved his guitar

Mark Butterworth from Sacramento, USA, is one of many very satisfied customers who recently purchased a True Temperament upgraded replacement neck. Just shipped from our new customshop in Vänersborg, Sweden where all fretwork, finishing work and quality control is done.

Here Mark describes the impression he got after mounting the TT neck on his Strat®:
– The neck is beautiful, the fretwork is perfect, wonderfully polished, the fret ends smooth and rounded.
– Here’s the thing for me with the True Temperament
 neck: I am mostly a rhythm guitarist and often use complex open chords in my compositions. A lot of variation E shapes, D shapes, partial F shapes all over the neck with open strings ringing. 
– On a normal electric guitar neck, depending on fretting pressure and the slight out of tune position of the frets, playing an open chord up the neck means it’s always slightly out of tune.
– First time playing the True Temperament neck, all the chords, even those played at the 20th fret were not only in tune with the fretted strings but the open strings as well.
– This may not seem like a big deal to many guitarists who use a lot of overdrive, power and barré chords, but to someone who likes to play clean and bright with ringing open strings in complex progressions, this is a very big deal.
– And to be recording, everything  in flow, feeling great and then you hit a chord that goes a little sharp in one or two notes is a big and sudden let down. That does not happen with this neck and these squiggly frets. I love it! And I haven’t had any problems playing chords with the frets being curved.
– I wish I could have started guitar playing with this kind of neck. I’d say it was the future for guitars but the cost probably prohibits it for inexpensive beginner guitars.
– Anyways, I’ve learned that Perfect Tempered music is more beautiful to the ear (while limited in available notes), and a True Temperament guitar is a greater joy to play (and not limited in notes or modulation).
– Great neck!
Mark B, Sacramento, USA