Breaking News: Mattias IA Eklundh Unveils New Guitar Line in Collaboration with True Temperament

Renowned guitarist Mattias IA Eklundh has stepped into the world of guitar manufacturing with the launch of his own brand, “Freak Guitar Lab”. This new venture sees Eklundh collaborating with True Temperament, a leading innovator in guitar fret technology, to produce a line of guitars that promise to revolutionize the playing experience, available in 6-string and 8-string variations, entitled Ulv 6 and Ulv 8 (from Old Norse ulfr, wolf).

Manufactured at the TT Guitar Factory in Trollhättan, Sweden, the Freak Guitar Lab guitars feature True Temperament frets, known for their ability to provide unparalleled intonation and tuning accuracy across the fretboard. These instruments boast a host of premium features designed to enhance playability and performance. Each Freak Guitar Lab guitar comes equipped with Floyd Rose Tremolo, Swedish Lundgren pickups, and Hipshot tuners, ensuring exceptional tone and tuning stability.

Additionally, Ulv 8 guitar features a unique Ellipse-shaped neck profile, with a thinner treble side for improved playability and comfort.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the project, Mattias IA Eklundh remarked, “Creating guitars that reflect my passion for music and innovation has been a dream of mine for years. With Freak Guitar Lab, I’m excited to share instruments that embody the spirit
of exploration and creativity”.

Ulf Zandhers, CEO of True Temperament, also shared his thoughts on the collaboration, stating, “Working with Mattias IA Eklundh has been a remarkable experience. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of guitar performance aligns
perfectly with True Temperament’s commitment to excellence. Together, we’ve created instruments that offer musicians a truly exceptional playing experience”.

The launch of Freak Guitar Lab marks a significant milestone in the world of guitar manufacturing, bringing together an industry leader and one groundbreaking guitarist to deliver instruments that promise to elevate the art of music performance.
For guitar enthusiasts and musicians alike, the arrival of Freak Guitar Lab guitars represents an exciting opportunity to explore new sonic possibilities and redefine the boundaries of musical expression.

For more information please contact:
Anders Nicklasson

Solid 6-string electric guitar built at True Temperament factory – Sweden.

Solid 8-string electric guitar built at True Temperament factory – Sweden.