New TT-videos to check out!

The fact that True Temperament guitars is a showstopper at guitar fairs is well known. Such is also the case on YouTube where the interest in TT videos is huge.

A video released this summer by influencer Paul Davids and his guest Adam Neely is now up to almost 1 million viewers – and about 2000 comments where almost all of them are positive to True Temperament. In the video Paul Davids and Adam Neely compare a straight-fretted standard Fender Telecaster and a Strandberg Boden guitar equipped with TT-frets. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have the link here

A recently posted YouTube TT video made by Robin Flink describes what happens to a Fender Stratocaster when upgraded with a TT replacement neck. Check it out and see what Robin has to say about it: Here’s the link