Precision Strobe Tuner

Great news for all TT-players! Strobe tuner app with True Temperament!
PST – Precision Strobe Tuner, made in USA by James Campbell – recently made an update which included the True Temperament tuning. This superb strobe tuner for iOS: iPhone and iPad, is available in the App store, at a low cost.

We strongly recommend all iOS TT-players to download this very accurate guitar tuner! 

How to navigate PST to the True Temperament mode:
Tap [Settings] and use [Next>] to navigate to the Note Tracking Mode page.
Tap [Guitar] and use [Next>] to navigate to User Bank 1.
Tap [>] to navigate to Fixed Bank 5 and the True Temperament mode.
Tap the [Enable Button] and then tap the [Done Button].
Ready to tune your TT guitar!
The TT page stays in the display, when you open the PST app next time.
More info: