Stefan Helleblad TT player of the month

Stefan Helleblad is the TT player of the month, April 2020. He´s a member of two great European progressive rock bands; Within Temptation and JoNo. Stefan is also a producer and mixing engineer with his own studio; Hellblade Studio.

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How was it playing the TT-guitar? Did it affect the playability anything?
– Playing the Alhambra with the TT fretting was a real eyeopener and quite a revelation to me. I have never before played a ”factory guitar” (and quite frankly not many other nylon guitars) with such impeccable intonation. My initial concerns about the playability of TT guitars proved to be completely unfounded as there´s absolutely no difference whatsoever playing a TT fretted guitar compared to a guitar with standard frets.
Did you notice any difference in the intonation compared to other nylon stringed guitars you usually play?
– Like I mentioned earlier, the intonation was as close to perfect as one can get in my opinion. Even beyond the 12th fret the intonation is as stable as on the 1st. During the past 10 years or so, I have mainly played a wonderful instrument by Gabriel Salvadores that has many gorgeous qualities in terms of sound, comfort, projection and so on. However, in terms of intonation, I must admit that the  TT fretted guitar is more stable all across the fretboard.
Is True Temperament something you would like to have on your own guitars?
– I firmly believe that TT fretboards are the future and would without hesitation fret my guitars with the TT technology. it´s a no brainer. The way I see it, the guitar is the tool of my trade and anything that makes my craft easier is much appreciated.
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