TT partner GNG at Winter NAMM 2020

Swiss/Italian luthier Giulio Negrini is one of Europe’s foremost high end electric guitar makers today, who also has embraced True Temperament in a masterful way. Giulio Negrini Guitars will attend the Winter NAMM Show 2020,  namely at the Boutique Guitar Showcase in Hall D, Booth 4310. 

One instrument Giulio Negrini has prepared for the NAMM Show is a Morgoth guitar model with one of the most spectacular ornamented fretboards we have ever seen on an electric guitar! An exquisitely designed ”jungle theme” inlay work complete with True Temperament 2nd generation stainless steel frets. A given showstopper!
In the video you can follow the inlay work, how Giulio for three hours assembled hundreds of small stones and shells pieces. All compressed into one minute of time lapse.
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