We are now offering a new line of True Temperament standard retrofit necks with a new generation of frets, made of stainless steel. These are very high quality necks, made in Europe.

They will fit any Strat®-style and Tele®-style bodies with industry-standard neck pocket dimensions and bridge position.

Neck specifications:

25-1/2″ scale length

22 True Temperament Thidell Formula 1 jumbo stainless steel frets

Neckwood: Maple

Neckprofile: C

1-11/16″ nut width

12″ radius fingerboard

Tunerholes pre-drilled 9,8 mm, Fender standard

Single trussrod, adjustment at head

Clear satin matt finish

Choice of Pau Ferro or Maple fingerboard

Neck is delivered without hardware and nut

Please order your necks in our shop!


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