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Mattias Eklundh Guitar Lesson

Mattias IA Eklundh (born 1969) is a guitarist and vocalist, known for his work with Freak KitchenJonas Hellborg Trio and Art Metal; he has also produced several noted solo Freak Guitar albums released by Steve Vai and Favored Nations, and holds his annual Freak Guitar Camp in the woods of Sweden every summer for dedicated guitar players from all over the world. He was also prominently featured playing his trademark-style solos on the first four Soilwork albums. See video

How Good Are Your Ears?

True Temperament Frets VS Standard Guitar Blind Test - Are They That Good? See the video by Levi Clay.


Luthier Jonas Bromander

Luthier Jonas Bromander

Swedish luthier Jonas Bromander now offers True Temperament on his acoustic steelstring models.